HSPM Capital Equipment Resource Program

We were founded with the mission of offering a comprehensive turnkey solution for medical equipment design, procurement, and activation in healthcare construction projects. Our dedicated team, comprising seasoned project managers and support staff, excels in guiding your project through its inception, from site and budget planning in the initial design stages to the final installation and activation phases.





Multiple large construction and renovation projects scheduled for simultaneous completion within a tight timeframe. A shortage of qualified personnel within the Planning and Supply Chain departments? The necessity to closely monitor vendor accountability coupled with a hard schedule and a tight budget.


HSPM deployed seasoned professionals on-site to oversee and bolster supply chain operations via our ECR solution. We expertly managed all aspects of the construction and renovation projects, encompassing planning, design, construction, procurement, delivery, installation, and activation.


The projects were not only finished ahead of schedule and below budget, but we also secured purchases at the most cost-effective rates. HSPM efficiently scaled its workforce to match the workload’s demands, ensuring flexibility. Furthermore, we maintained vigilant oversight over vendors, consistently holding them accountable throughout the entire process.
Hunting & Sourcing Project Management

Our Process

Our approach revolves around optimizing our network, implementing robust collaboration strategies, and leveraging our extensive experience. We harness our proficiency in medical equipment planning and procurement to bolster your project team, ensuring timely and accurate dissemination of crucial information. Our ultimate objective is to empower the owner, design, and construction teams to deliver the project punctually and within budgetary constraints.



Throughout the Plan/Design phases, HSPM will facilitate design meetings involving clinical end users and various stakeholders, including biomedical engineering, Information Technology, Infection Control, and Patient Safety, to ensure comprehensive decision-making regarding medical equipment, reducing the need for late project changes.



Procurement services will drive various schedules to ensure the project stays on schedule and on budget. HSPM will manage the equipment acquisition process to reflect standards, take advantage of local and national contracts, negotiating the most aggressive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The equipment schedule will be layered into the construction and activation schedule and managed weekly to ensure optimum results. Our goal is to be an extension of your Supply Chain Sourcing department and support and/or manage the process as requested.



Activation services will allow for a smooth equipment transition from construction substantial completion to department “Go-Live.” HSPM will work with Warehouse and Install teams to provide and support the activation strategy and will coordinate equipment deployment and room setting, as well as manage the vendor installations.


Our Work Speaks Volumes

Check out some of our recent projects.

Total Budget: $1.2M

University of Chicago Medicine: PT/OT Beverly

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Clinic, 19 Rooms

  • Procurement
  • Deployment

Total Budget: $2M

University of Chicago Medicine: MHO Project – Michiana, Indiana Area 4 Clinic Build-out(Chesterton, Crown Point, Hobart, Valparaiso)

Infusion and Primary Care, 74 Rooms

  • Procurement
  • Deployment

Equipment Budget: $10M

CaroMont Regional Medical Center, North Carolina

78 ICU bed and Support Services

  • Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Construction Project Management

Equipment Budget: $30M

CaroMont Regional Medical Center, North Carolina

New Hospital, Inpatient, Lab, Imaging, Kitchen, Morgue, OR, Women’s Services, Support Service

  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Construction Project Management

Total Budget: $16M

Central Fill Pharmacy – Calumet City

Refill Pharmacy / Infusion Clinic, 48 Rooms

  • Procurement
  • Deployment

Hear From Our Clients

5 Stars
HSPM demonstrated expertise in coordinating and supervising equipment planning across multiple projects in the past two years. Their meticulous attention to detail and proactive problem-solving were instrumental in meeting project deadlines and budgets. Moreover, they excelled in promoting productive teamwork, consistently providing insightful recommendations and creative solutions.
Kent Roberts
Executive Supply Chain Director, CaroMont Health

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